I, Kallie P. Miller, RN. (Ret.), EFT-CC opened the OPTIMAL LIFE CENTER, located in London, Ontario, Canada in 1996. In the beginning I was strongly influenced by the work of Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D., especially her book “The Cure for All Diseases” in which she states that parasites and toxins are the cause of all diseases. While I do not believe Hulda Clark has all the answers as she claims, I am grateful for her alerting us to the danger of parasites and toxic chemicals in our bodies and the environment. Unfortunately she does not address the importance of the mind – body connection in disease.

OPTIMAL LIFE CENTER began modestly with zappers, dietary supplements, nutritional and parasite education, radionic analysis, Needak rebounders and gradually added the MagnetiCo Power Sleep Pads and the Regency Elite water ionizer. While all these products and educational materials supported many clients to return to health, I felt an important ingredient was missing. Remembering my studies with Dr. Carl Simonton, an oncologist who wrote “Getting Well Again” and Dr. Bernie Siegel, a surgeon who wrote “Love, Medicine and Miracles”, where I learned that our minds and emotions play a part in disease, I engaged in further studies. I became certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Emotional Release Therapy. I am also certified as a Life-Skills coach, an Aromatherapy Massage Therapist, and a Past-life Therapist. It seems that now, through the OPTIMAL LIFE CENTER, I can truly offer the ways and means, which in my experience and knowledge will help people to attain an optimal life, by which I mean a balance of the body, mind and spirit.

As a registered nurse I worked in a cancer clinic and administered chemotherapy. Distressed by what I saw, I chose to study 22 years ago with Dr. Simonton. On returning to the clinic on the completion of my studies, my colleagues’ reactions were skeptical. More recently, this same clinic has been teaching patients visualization and meditation which is long after I left. Hopefully, they will not take so long to find there are even more ways than chemotherapy and radiation to help people with cancer to recover their health.


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