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…In a cocoon of natural energy.

 Since magnetism is essential to life and health on this planet, and we have only our brain and the depleted earth for sources, it would appear very wise to supplement with the magnetic sleep pad or magnetic mattress pad!


Magnetic fields are essential to maintain health. There are two primary sources available – Your Brain and The Earth. These two fields supplement each other and bring needed magnetic resonance in the body tissues and provide up to 30% of total body energy needs.


Aging, trauma, lack of oxygen to the brain, all reduce the brain’s ability to put out sufficient magnetic field for optimum body function. These factors along with a dramatic reduction of the earth’s magnetic field, makes supplementary Negative(-) magnetism necessary for continued good health and function… enter the magnetico magnetic sleep Pad!


Most of us live and work surrounded by these electro-magnetic fields in our modern environments. Unfortunately, their higher frequency stimulation throws body cells (which function at very low frequencies) out of resonance, causing cell fatigue and increased likelihood of malfunction. The beneficial Negative(-) magnetic field in the magnetico magnetic sleep Pad in conjunction with the brain’s pulsed low frequency Negative(-) magnetic field help to counteract these cell-stressing AC higher frequencies.

Sleeping nightly on the magnetico magnetic sleep Pad allows magnetic energy from permanent, ceramic magnets to energize all the tissues of the body through a process called “magnetic resonance”. This enables your body to operate at a higher level of efficiency. There just isn’t a pill or treatment anywhere that can come close to providing such an overall benefit to assist your body in maintaining wellness and function… in such a comfortable, natural way!


Besides the overall “energy-support-system” provided (not necessarily “felt”), a variety of fringe benefits are reported by delighted customers, such as:

Relief of:
- Allergy Symptoms  – Arthritic Symptoms  – PMS Symptoms

Pain relief from:
- Stressed, tight muscles – Migraine Headaches – Back Problems – Fibromyalgia Syndrome

- Blood Pressure

- Energizing Sleep – Athletic Performance – Healing (muscle/ligament injuries,
broken bones, etc.)

- Circulation / Oxygenation – Resistance to Disease – Bone Density – Energy Levels

- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Post Polio Syndrome – Multiple sclerosis – Lupus – Emphysema

Science of Magnets – Magnetic Sleep Pads – Magnetic Theory

~ By Dr. Dean R. Bonlie ~

The Earth’s Magnetic Field has Decreased by approximately 90% over the last four thousand years. This Geomagnetic Field is an Essential Environmental Factor for Life and Health on this Planet. The human body has adapted to this loss of natural energy, but it seems a reasonable assumption that there would be a corresponding Loss of Physiological Vitality and Efficiency in all the functions of the body.

By placing the body in a restored, pure, Negative(-) Magnetic Field equal in strength to that of earth 4,000 years ago, I theorize that over-all body performance should be greatly enhanced.



GAUSS – Unit of measure of magnetism named after the german scientist who developed it.

POLARITY – Direction of energy field. The Earth’s magnetic field is Negative(-) in the Northern Hemisphere; Positive (+) in the Southern Hemisphere.

HEALTH USAGE – the Negative(-) is often designated the North Pole Field; The Positive (+) is called the South Pole field. This is not scientific, but has developed in usage only. All terms herein are in scientific electrical terms of Positive(+) and Negative(-).

Important Fact:
The brain’s output of energy is Negative(-) and our bodies are accommodated to the natural environmental field in which we are living — also the Negative(-) polarity. THIS IS OUR OPERATIVE ENERGY.

Important Fact:
The earth’s output of magnetic field is greatly reduced at present to only .4 gauss. 4,000 years ago it was 4 gauss – Ten Times More Than Now!

The Magnetico magnetic sleep Pad is the only one correctly engineered to restore the depleted environmental amount of magnetic field to the body… during the important restorative hours of sleep. 4 Gauss is not a strong field at all, but it does take strong magnets to create a unified field of that amount, which will then function as a single magnet the size of the pad! This unified Negative(-) field goes up 4 feet above the mattress, so it is passing through the entire body in the same direction and manner as the earth.



The human body is electro-magnetic by design, being composed largely of charged particles such as atoms, electrons, protons, and ions (e.g., potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.). These all perform vital life functions.

Consider how the following basic principles of Physics regarding geomagnetic (directional) fields affect atoms in that field.

  • When the field is increased, there will be a temporary increase in electromagnetic force or charge on the atom which will result in a higher velocity of some of the orbiting electrons and protons (primarily outer ring unpaired electrons). 9
  • This increase in velocity of some electrons and protons and not others will cause precession or wobble of the atom, leading to enhanced electron transfer. 9, 10
  • Enhanced electron transfer, is the basic action in all chemical reactions of the body.

Summarized, an increase of the geomagnetic field (which is a directional magnetic field) acts as a catalyst to improve chemical reactions occurring in the human body. This should improve all body functions. Examples are: oxygen carrying capacity, assimilation of nutrients, manufacture of enzymes, metabolic waste removal, reduction of free radicals, tissue regeneration and healing.



~ Basic Physics Principle ~

Magnetic (or cyclotronic) resonance of body tissues is also improved by increased electron velocity, making an even higher level of chemical activity possible.

By applying the above principle to human physiology, it would be expected that ALL chemical and electrical actions of the body would be improved. Some examples are:

  • Faster diffusion of ions and gases through cellular membranes (e.g., lungs, circulatory system)
  • Increased lymphocyte production 11



As reported by individuals sleeping regularly on my design of magnetic sleep pad:

  • Up to 30% increase of the ability of the body to pick up and utilize oxygen from the air inhaled.*
  • Major increase in strength and endurance.*
  • Up to 80% reduction in muscle soreness after major workouts*
  • Most arthritics experience relief from pain and symptoms.
  • Most chronic headaches relieved.
  • Many sleep disorders relieved.
  • Many feel more energized and require less sleep.
  • Many report improved resistance to disease (colds, flu, etc.)

* Noted in performance records of professional athletes.




The Inner Power System

internet price–5% discount on all models at Optimal Life Center Only

Classic Model Sleep Pad
The Classic is placed between your mattress and box spring, it is 1
1/2” thick with a non-quilted cover. The magnetic field measures
5 gauss at the surface of an 8” mattress. It can be used with any
bed or mattress type including futons, air mattresses, and adjustable
beds. We can also make custom sizes including pads for cribs and children’s
Size CDN Orders # Magnets Pounds
Single 39″x74″ $510.00 384 55
Double 54″x74″ $680.00 544 68
Queen 60″x80″ $840.00 665 81
King 76″x80″ $1000.00 805 2×55
Cal-King 72″x84″ $1000.00 792 2×55

The Super Sleep Systems

Shipping & handling charges on Super Bed Systems
are extra and will be determined at time of purchase.

The Max
(Two Layers)
20 Gauss at 8″
OPTION 1 Size CDN Orders Pounds
Single 39″x74″ $1910.00 2×88
Double 54″x74″ $2630.00 4×66
Queen 60″x80″ $3150.00 4×73
King 76″x80″ $3650.00 4×95
Cal-King 72″x84″ $3650.00 4×95
Starter Core
(Bottom Layer Only)
10 Gauss at 8″
OPTION 2 A Size CDN Orders Pounds
Single 39″x74″ $1000.00 88
Double 54″x74″ $1380.00 2×66
Queen 60″x80″ $1660.00 2×73
King 76″x80″ $1900.00 2×95
Cal-King 72″x84″ $1900.00 2×95
Secondary Booster (Top Layer
Only)10 Gauss at 8″
OPTION 2 B Size CDN Orders Pounds
Single 39″x74″ $1000.00 88
Double 54″x74″ $1380.00 2×66
Queen 60″x80″ $1660.00 2×73
King 76″x80″ $1900.00 2×95
Cal-King 72″x84″ $1900.00 2×95



The Inner Power System

internet price–5% discount on all models at Optimal Life Center

The Super Sleep Systems

Shipping & handling charges on Super Bed
Systems are extra and will be determined at time of purchase.

The Max
(Two Layers)
20 Gauss at 8″
OPTION 1 Size US Orders Pounds
Single 39″x74″ $1910.00 2×88
Double 54″x74″ $2630.00 4×66
Queen 60″x80″ $3150.00 4×73
King 76″x80″ $3650.00 4×95
Cal-King 72″x84″ $3650.00 4×95
Starter Core
(Bottom Layer Only)
10 Gauss at 8″
OPTION 2 A Size US Orders Pounds
Single 39″x74″ $1000.00 88
Double 54″x74″ $1380.00 2×66
Queen 60″x80″ $1660.00 2×73
King 76″x80″ $1990.00 2×95
Cal-King 72″x84″ $1990.00 2×95
Secondary Booster (Top Layer
Only)10 Gauss at 8″
OPTION 2 B Size US Orders Pounds
Single 39″x74″ $1000.00 88
Double 54″x74″ $1380.50 2×66
Queen 60″x80″ $1660.00 2×73
King 76″x80″ $1990.00 2×95
Cal-King 72″x84″ $1990.00 2×95


A video about Magnetico sleep pads is available at the
manufacturer’s website
Just remember we offer a 5% discount.




(Excerpts from Magnetico Testimonial Letters)

Dear Friend,

I wish I could share with you the excitement I hear from MagnetiCo Sleep Pad people nearly every day! The following “Success Stories” indicate a sampling of benefits obtained by sleeping in a cocoon of beneficial Negative (-) magnetic field (unipolar field).

The MagnetiCo Sleep Pad provides energy to every charged particle of the body, enabling each cell to perform its particular function more efficiently. This produces an enhancing effect to any other supplementation, dietary, or exercise programs that you already practice, making the Sleep Pad a BASE-LINE Health and wellness product.

Energy is the stuff life is made of !! Supplementing a depleted environmental source only makes sense! Let me strongly encourage you to make this wise, one-time investment in your present well-being and performance. At the same time you will be adding an important building block in your future quality of life.

Wishing You Well… Dr. Dean Bonlie

“…I had been fighting a migraine-type headache for about a week…take 4 aspirin every 4 hours. After receiving my mattress and sleeping on it for two nights, my headache was gone. … When the stress of the day begins to turn into a bad headache…I always know that I will find relief when I sleep on the mattress. ’I don’t wake up sore and stiff in the morning.’ …having trouble with the tendons in my ankle (previous injury)…not been bothered by that since. Thanks again…”
E. Strawn – Special Education Teacher – WA

“I’ve suffered for ten years…many sleepless nights due to pain! Hands and feet deformed…three months ago I was unable to hold a pen to write, now I am writing this letter! Since sleeping on the MagnetiCo Sleep Pad, my joint pain is minimal…sleep restful. I would not be without it…words cannot express my satisfaction!”

W. Burke, Age 74 – ON

“When my doctor prescribed my magnetic mattress pad, it was about my last hope of getting some relief from the constant pain and misery of my legs and feet from rheumatoid arthritis. I never even suspected it would help my headaches. I was taking Tylenol 4 with Codeine every 2 to 3 hours, 24 hours a day and I would still have attacks of terrible pain in my feet and legs which have been very swollen for 2 or 3 years. I started getting relief from the first night I slept on the magnetic pad… After 5 wks, NO pain pills during the day, I only take 2 pain pills during the night. My level of pain is better than when I was taking a pill every 2 to 3 hours… At 8 months, I have not had a headache since I got my sleep pad. I am very satisfied. I will not give up my MagnetiCo sleep pad. I wouldn’t take any amount of money for my pad…”

C. Roberts, Age 76 – TX

“…I love to go to bed on my Pad and hate to get up and leave my Pad…I have a severe case of arthritis and since using this Pad ’I feel. like a new man’.”

F. Midlane – CA

“…Have arthritis in elbow, neck, both hips and knee…controlled by taking Motrin twice daily and rollerblade an hour a day, taking 20 minutes to get pain and stiffness to subside. By the end of the first week of sleeping on the pad, I could rollerblade without stiffness and pain…totally off Motrin in two weeks…”

Venus Insufficiency: “My doctor prescribed support hose…for the rest of my life. After the third week on the Magnetic Pad, I could see and feel a difference in the toes and have not worn them (support hose) since, no more swelling. The flow of blood and the valves in my legs have improved.”

D. Winchester, Retired – UT

“I have been an osteo-arthritis sufferer for the past 12 years. I experienced many sleepless nights because of pain in my back, neck and shoulders and each morning my hands were stiff and swollen shut. I was introduced to the magnetic mattress ten months ago and have experienced gradual improvement in my whole body. Thanks to the magnetic mattress I can now enjoy a good game of golf and other activities.”

J. McOonaid, Retired – BC

“…My arthritis does not bother me nearly as much as it did before the pad. I sleep really well, have lots of energy and my hair has got thicker and the wave is back. I am 82 this year, had a medical and the Doctor told me I am extra ordinarily healthy. I am glad I invested in the sleep pad.”

D. Hodgette – BC

“Bone density rating improved dramatically in the first 3 months on sleep pad. Used cane to prevent falls. Take walks now without it and seldom use it at all. Tiny varicose veins disappeared in 1 month. In just 9 nights, severe leg cramps that would get her up at night disappeared. Blood pressure was 160 over 90; lowered to 140 over 70 in 3 months…with the same medication. Very happy!”

E. Cusick – TX age 93

“My wife is 62 and I am 63…the 6 months prior to purchase my wife slept in a different bed because of severe Arthritis in both knees…she now sleeps through the night…I thought I was becoming impotent, but this Sleep Pad sure made a difference in our Sex life…”

B&I Haas – MI

“…I have not had a headache since I began sleeping on my Magnetico Sleep Pad. I was gone on a 2-week vacation about a month after I got it, and I was sure glad to get back because I could feel the return of the severity of my stiffness and aches and pains. It took me several nights to get back feeling as good as I did before I left my sleep pad. I’m very satisfied…”

E. Marsh, Age 72 – TX

“No longer take seizure medication. Am now able to drive, was unable to, due to ADD. Sleep better. Back pain much better and curvature is less. Rarely get headaches anymore. Was able to finally hold down a job!”

J. Moon, Age 25 – WA

“Our daughter…has high functioning autism and was not sleeping through the night for 7 years! Once we received the sleep pad she has slept all night and wakes up a much ’happier’ child. When she does not sleep in her bed we notice a negative difference in her behavior… We see such a significant improvement in her behavior that I wouldn’t want to give up the magnetic pad!”

A Phillips – IN

“…My 24-hour pain from fibrocitis (fibromyalgia in Canada) has been chronic…25 years. Expected improvement to be gradual…already I have new energy and pain is starting to decrease…color in my face instead of gray pallor. I’ve suffered for several years with ’trigger fingers’ consisting of painful curling and locking…requiring hours of stretching and massaging…to release…Tried surgery, months of rehab, cortisone, hoping to avoid more surgery with only temporary results. NOW – NO MORE TRIGGER FINGERS! I can even type again!! I’m elated, delighted and grateful!”

L McKeown, Retired – BC

“I am very grateful to Dr. Scott 0. for introducing the MagnetiCo Sleep Pad. I have had a sleeping disorder for the last 15 years, due to Fibromyalgia and Rheumatism that attacks the muscles. I am pleased to say that I sleep all night, and it’s so wonderful to get up in the morning without the stiffness. Thank you.”

L. Piche, Age 43 – BC

“…my teenage daughter was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia and for almost a year she spent most of her time in bed… After the first night on the sleep pad I saw the difference although she said she didn’t feel any better. After two months she was almost back to normal; after three months she was back to normal and remains that way…This has been the best investment we have ever made!”

D. Ament – PA

“I had generally good health prior to the birth of our son, then it was debilitating back and leg pain, sleeplessness, fatigue, depletion of immune system, little energy… I exhausted every medical lead I could find for relief. My sleep from the first night on the pad was deep and wonderful…no more pain at night. Daytime pain took longer to disappear…I found I could lay down on my bed to recharge and get relief… We’ve had our Sleep Pad for nearly two years…notice the difference in energy levels if we are away from it for more than a few days…wouldn’t be without it!!…I definitely recommend your wonderful magnetic Sleep Pad to anyone and everyone!”

S Conn, mid 30’s – BC

“I had been off work for 5 years due to severe chronic fatigue syndrome. Before getting your MagnetiCo Sleep Pad, the smallest tasks around the house were exhausting to me. I had the Sleep Pad for exactly 120 days with no particular results other than improved immunity…evidenced by not being plagued by colds and flu all winter as per normal. On the 121st day, my energy returned so that I felt like going to work again!…I am very grateful for this product which enabled me to return to normal life and work!”

T. Jones, 40+ – ON

“For many years, PMS made my life absolutely miserable for two weeks of every month. Sleeping on the MagnetiCo Sleep Pad solved this problem almost immediately! I sleep much more soundly now and am enjoying a marked increase in stamina. Also, my immune system must have improved, since this year I did not get my customary one-month long cold. Thank You, Dr. Bonlie, for turning my life around! I can highly recommend the MagnetiCo Sleep Pad as an economical way of protecting one’s health.”

P. Roman – BC

“I have had RLS approximately 33 years…My rest was disturbed every night…My whole body would jerk violently…The thing that has made the greatest difference for me is the sleep pad…My RLS is consistently eased after only a few minutes of laying on it. I can fall asleep peacefully every night and I sleep through the night…Thank you for your wonderful product.”

B. Limon – CO

“…I was using a nasal CPAP machine set at ’10cm of water’ to control my long-standing (over 25 years) obstructive sleep apnea. Without the CPAP machine I would stop breathing every 5 or 6 breaths for up to 30 seconds at a time. After only 2 months I found that I no longer needed the CPAP. I feel great…”

A Chinn – ON

“…In 1980, I was diagnosed with MS…loss of balance, poor coordination, constant muscle spasms, fatigue and limited mobility are daily symptoms I have learned to live with. I have slept on the magnetic pad now for six months…what I have found to be the most beneficial is that it seems to allow my body to ’bounce back’ at a more rapid rate than previous…It has also assisted in less frequent muscle spasms and I am now waking up more refreshed with more energy. It has also assisted in my breathing due to…various allergies. It is not a cure for me but is of great assistance to me in allowing me to live a(n)…active lifestyle with additional energy. I consciously have not changed any aspect of my daily living habits to give it a fair evaluation and now can recommend it to others…”

A Skoretz – AB

“…In the four months that I have been using the Sleep pad, I have seen significant improvement in many of my MS symptoms and, most importantly, I have been able to come off all three drugs I had been taking to help alleviate many of my more severe symptoms…I am completely pain free the majority of the time…In addition, I was very pleased to discover that my employer’s health plan recognized the Sleep Pad as a legitimate medical/rehabilitation expense and reimbursed us the full cost of the sleep pad… We only wish we had discovered the Sleep Pad earlier…”

J. Chinn – ON



The last week of November 2005, my 45 year-old son-in-law Paul was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had his surgery three days later. In early January, 2006, the local Cancer Clinic (London, Ontario) wanted to give him radiation as they believed the cancer had spread to the lymphatics in his abdomen given the type and placement of the cancer. His CT scan showed the lymph glands were enlarged. He and my daughter asked the Cancer Clinic to give him 3 or 4 months to do something alternative to beat this cancer. The Clinic kindly said yes and that they would repeat his CT scan in four months. (I previously had worked as a RN in this clinic.)

Then my daughter, Carol and her husband Paul came to me for my suggestions. I bought them one of the “Super” Magnetico magnetic sleep pads I sell—the 20 gauss version. They already had recently obtained a Regency Elite water ionizer/alkalizer that I sell as well. I then gave them a list of suggested supplements. Two of the most important are the Aloe Immune and the Ultimatium if using the 20 gauss magnetic sleep pad. They are important anyway and we have had great results with the 20 gauss sleep pad with other cancer victims. Artemisinin is also a valuable product for those with cancer and especially breast cancer. They did not have the funds to purchase the Artemisinin.

In my opinion, it is most important that a person with cancer focus on healthy nutrition and alkalizing their body. I gave them the book, “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” by Patrick Quillan which also has a CD with it. This is a very good “common-sense” book. Paul quit his coffee with sugar cold turkey as he did with his “white” bread. No more “Timmies”! They eliminated all processed foods and added many fresh fruits and raw vegetables to their diet. They did not juice which I would have preferred they do. He did do the Hulda Clark liver cleanse with no results and did not repeat it. Paul increased his water intake considerably—drinking ionized, alkalized water from the Regency Elite which I sell. They attempted to get to bed earlier as well as adding daily walking to their activities. I recommended the article on body alkalization on my website. They followed this and tested their urine and saliva.

At the Cancer Clinic appointment the last week in April, 2006, the results of the CT scan showed the formerly enlarged lymphatics as normal. Hurrah!!!!! Paul will remain under observation by the Cancer Clinic every four months gradually increasing the time between each visit.

I feel very proud of Paul and Carol. Carol is a wonderful support for her husband—researching nutrition—reading labels and cooking the healthier meals they needed. They took full responsibility for their health and did what needed to be done. They worked hard together as a true team on this challenge. Paul has slimmed down and he has energy he hasn’t had for years.

Here is the list of suggested supplements I gave them. This was at first pretty intimidating to a man who never even took a daily vitamin supplement previously.

Aloe Immune 6 per day – 500 mg. I would suggest this be kept up for 6 months at least then go on a maintenance dose

Maintain for 3 to 6 months, depending on the individual and individual results.

For best results open capsule and stir into 8 to 10 ounces of purified water. (I don’t think he did this, just took the capsule.)

Day 1: take 1 capsule at bedtime.

Day 2: take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the afternoon and 1 capsule at bedtime.

Day 3: take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule midmorning, 1 capsule in the afternoon and

1 capsule at bedtime.

Day 4: take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule midmorning, 1 capsule in the afternoon,

1 capsule mid afternoon and 1 capsule at bedtime.

Day 5: take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule midmorning, 1 capsule at noon, 1 capsule mid

afternoon, 1 capsule before dinner and 1 capsule at bedtime.

Gradually reduce the dosage to a maintenance dose of2 – 3 500mg capsules daily.

Source: Optimal Life Center, $45 CND for bottle of 90 capsules plus shipping in lots of 6 bottles.

Ultimatium – 180 drops in a bottle. 7 drops under tongue in am and 1 dropperful in 8 oz of distilled water in am and sip over the day. Source: new element of platinum – Mother Earth Minerals 866-989-9876

1 multi-vitamin daily

Vitamin D3 4000 mg– daily. He uses the Biotics Research product.

Vitamin C 1000 mg. x 3 or 4 daily more if you want and can tolerate

Probiotic according to label if not doing fungal elimination.

Vitamin E – 800 mg. once a day— Carlson’s E-Gems Elite. This product is made up of the complete E-family of Tocopherols & Tocotrienols

Lugol’s iodine – 2 drops each morning in water. $18 for 3 years supply from a compounding pharmacy in Canada. Paul did not choose to take this and since I believe from my research that it is very important, I have asked him to reconsider.

Chlorella– 3 per day again Paul used the Biotics Research brand and sells a good brand.

Omega 3 – 1000 mg. three times a day.

Selenium 200 mcg daily

Coenzyme Q10: 60 mg per day. This could be increased to more if you want. A substance similar to vitamin E in its functions, CoQ10 helps generate energy at the cellular level in the mitochondria. Take CoQ10 with a fatty food or drink as the fat enhances absorption.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid- 100-300 mg per day.

Caprylic Acid 650 mg. 3 or 4 times a day.

Phytochemicals: Drink lots of green tea. Also can drink a “green” drink such as Greens Plus every day if not getting alkaline enough and if alkaline, do it if you choose as it is beneficial.

Visit Patrick Quillan’s website for help with beating cancer:

PS. “Timmies” stands for Tim Horton’s; a popular coffee and doughnut shop on almost every corner here in London, Ontario and spreading to the US.


By Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, M.D.
Extracted from the highly recommended health, nutrition, and medicine newsletter, “SECOND OPINION”, Vol. XIII, NO.2
February 2003.

Last month, I introduced you to Dr. Dean Bonlie, president of the Scientific Committee of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy, who has discovered a way to use magnets to treat everything from fibromyalgia to cancer to bone loss. And the best news is, there’s plenty of science to back up his findings, so you can rest assured that what I’m about to tell you isn’t hype.

You learned last month that the negative pull of a magnet is beneficial for those living in the northern hemisphere of the earth, while the positive field has unwanted effects on the body (and vice versa in the southern hemisphere). You also found out that the typical magnetic mattress (such as Nikken) has magnets placed apart from each other, so parts of your body are getting the beneficial negative field, while other parts are bathed in deleterious positive energy. Magnetic experts believe that prolonged exposures to this type of magnetic field can have very deleterious effects on the body.

In part one of this article, I mentioned that Dr. Bonlie has designed a magnetic mattress that solves this problem. The technique involves use of much stronger magnets, placed immediately adjacent to each other. The health benefits of this system are absolutely amazing, so this month, I’d like to share with you some of the incredible results Dr. Bonlie has seen with his mattress.

The magnetic mattress goes under your regular mattress. This feature eliminates any possible exposure to a positive field. It’s not recommended that you turn over 180 degrees at night (from front to back), which would effectively change polarity orientation to your body (side to side is okay). Disordered body areas will likely do best if they are facing down (toward the pads). So if your back hurts, sleep on your back.

What kind of results can you expect to see? As with every treatment, some will see more benefits than others. But preliminary studies and case reports indicate there’s potential for astounding therapeutic and preventive properties.

Fibromyalgia – A fibromyalgia study performed at the University of Virginia on 119 participants evaluated the effect of the unipolar magnetic mattress compared to the bipolar Nikken mattress and two non-magnetic mattresses. While all groups improved, the unipolar mattress significantly reduced pain, but there was no significant difference between Nikken mattresses and non-magnetic ones. Another study on fibromyalgia, in 20 patients sleeping on the unipolar mattress for six months, documented excellent improvement in 25 percent, with 60 percent experiencing some improvement.

Chronic fatigue syndrome – A pilot study conducted by Dr. Bonlie and Carolyn DeMarco, MD on six of her worst chronic fatigue syndrome patients showed significant improvement in all studied parameters: sleep, sense of well being, hours of work, post exercise fatigue, and cognitive ability, with 72 percent of the symptoms showing improvement.

Cancer – In an observational study on 924 people (out of 1,127 who started the study) over an average period of 3.5 years, there was a dramatic 78 percent reduction in the incidence of new cancer development over what would have been expected. (I have recently heard of cancer remissions with use of this mattress system, but it’s too early to report further on this. So stay tuned!)

Cardiovascular health – A study on 88 volunteers exercising in a five gauss negative field for six minutes, after first exercising without the field, showed an increased oxygen saturation of 5.93 percent. Their average heart rate decreased 13.15 percent in this exercise observational study. After six weeks of sleeping on a unipolar sleep pad, world-class bodybuilder Tom Hanley found his performances increased by 20-47 percent without an increase in heart rate. He did not otherwise change his routine in any way or use drugs.

Part of this effect could be explained by the profound changes in red blood cell morphology observed under a dark-field microscope. One hundred thirty consecutive individuals at an Orlando trade show tested positive for clumping of red cells, a condition that leads to stagnation of blood flow in capillaries. Clumping often results from a reduced negative charge on the cell surface. Highly negatively charged cells easily repel each other. After just 20 minutes on the sleep pad, clumping disappeared in every
case, evidence of improved cell charge and oxygen carrying capacity.

Osteoporosis – In what may be the most significant use for the sleep pads, I discovered some startling information. Dr. Bonlie kindly provided me with copies of the bone density dexa scans of Janet, who is a PhD, from before and after a nine-month period of sleeping on a unipolar magnetic mattress. The original showed bone thinning (with a T score of -1.72 in the spine). This score improved to a respectable -.53 doing nothing except sleeping on the magnetic mattress. Dr. Bonlie’s wife, Joyce, saw her average T score increase from 0.4 in May 1998 to 0.8 in July 2001.

And then there’s Karen, who used the “typical” magnetic mattress and saw her T score fall from a borderline score of -2.0 to a very dangerous -2.8 in less than one year. She then ordered the unipolar mattress. Thirteen months later, her T score jumped to -1.9. (Scientific note: For clarification, the actual weight density of bone for Karen’s respective tests were: .353mg/cm2, .278mg/cm2, and .372/cm2. Thus, bone mineral density jumped 74.7 percent in just one year!)

In a nine-month study on five patients, three saw significant improvement in bone density, while the remaining two had no further deterioration. Treatment was dose responsive, with a 20 gauss field providing the best results.

Wow, those are dramatic changes in a disease process that relentlessly cripples many women, and can be most difficult to treat. So confident that the unipolar mattress he developed will help osteoporosis, Dr. Bonlie’s company, Magnetico Inc., has offered an unbelievable, virtually no risk guarantee to its customers. The company will refund 90 percent of the purchase price of the mattress if a woman will provide two dexa scans showing no improvement in bone density, with the first taken before mattress
use, and the second within 365 days.

For all other users, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, PMS, and general preventive users, the company will accept unconditional returns, no question asked, and refund 90 percent of the purchase price up to six months from date of purchase. To me, this is a no-lose proposition. For some very hard-to-treat problems, you can try a wonderful modality with virtually no financial risk.

Are there any problems using enhanced earth magnetic field mattresses? In the short term, there could be headaches, dull aches, or a temporary aggravation of symptoms. In fact, my wife experienced headaches the first few days. On Dr. Bonlie’s advice, she began using DMSA before bed, a mercury chelator. The headaches promptly stopped – an observation noted by Dr. Bonlie on many other users. One physician user, who had thought he chelated all the last vestiges of mercury out of his body with every known form of chelation and had repeated near zero mercury levels in his urine, had a small rise in mercury excretion sleeping on the mattress the next night. When he added DMSA, on the following night, in addition to the mattress, his mercury elimination doubled! I, too, had some type of elimination response.

After using the mattress for three weeks, I experienced unusually painful nodules along my sternum, known in conventional medicine as costochondritis. Assuming it was merely my body throwing off toxins from within my chest, I remained patient. Within a week, it cleared completely. (I did add DMSA, 250 mg at night.)

I believe we are just opening up the frontiers of magnetic therapy.

While Magnetico also sells the small magnets for local therapy, Dr. Bonlie honestly admits his magnets are of no greater benefit than similar magnets available at Radio Shack or the multipolar magnets available from Nikken, so check prices if you are going to use local magnetic therapy. The duration and frequency of treatment is a difficult question and depends on the health of the individual, says Dr. Bonlie. Those with low vitality should not use a local magnet for longer than one hour a day. Those with high vitality wishing to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance, could try it up to eight hours daily, but no longer than three weeks, unless there’s a response.

When it comes to “nutritional” supplementation of the nourishing but waning magnetic field of our planet, though, I would definitely recommend only the MagnetiCo unipolar field sleep pads.

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Dr. Gary Gordon has recommended the Magnetico 10 or 20 gauss sleep pad for autism in his book written with Dr. Amy Yasko, “Autism Answer”. He is also recommending the Magnetico sleep pads for people with heart disease. Read his comments:

Magnetico Comments by Dr. Garry Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H)

I have been very pleased with the improvement seen in every patient fortunate enough to have the Magnetico 10 and, even better, the 20 gauss magnetic pad, which weighs 200 pounds for a single bed and comes in two parts, money back guarantee. Thus, since this static magnet is working, I have also explored pulsed magnetic pads like the Magnopro and I love this too, but I feel I amplify its effect since I use it for 15 minutes just before going to sleep by placing it on top of my bed and then removing it. Since we are convinced that the Magnetico mattress pad amplifies the benefits of most therapies and the pulsed field pad is perhaps similar to receiving acupuncture and we have shown that acupuncture benefits are amplified if given while on the Dr. Bonlie unique and patented form of MAGNET pad. There will be much more to learn about magnetic healing and now there will be 4 of the MME magnets in Tucson soon, which is the 3000-5000 gauss treatment developed by Dr. Bonlie for treating advanced conditions.

Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

On page 69 of his co-authored book, “The Puzzle of Autism: Putting It All Together”, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Amy Yasko write:

“While Dr. Yasko has not found the use of magnetic energy to enhance metal excretion, she has seen a significant discernable affect on more subtle cognitive function. This would agree with recent work by Dr. Dean Bonlie, which has found electromagnetic therapy to be safe and effective for the wide range of neurological problems and that it may help to regenerate and repair damaged nerves and enhance the body’s natural stem cells. Magnetic energy may also increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, improving the assimilation of nutrients and oxygenation of tissues.”

In fact, Dr. Yasko can tell what patient has been on the magnetic sleep pad and who hasn’t.
Also, Dr. Bonlie presently has a scientific study in progress showing that the Super Beds do help the body to eliminate lead and mercury.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Several years ago while I was at a national meeting, I happened to stop by a booth with REAL magnets. Many years earlier I had tried one of what I call Mickey Mouse magnetic mattresses and been less than impressed with any benefit of concentric magnets. I sat down on the Magnetico Sleep mattress, lay down and instantly went into deep relaxation. It felt so dramatic that I returned later and had the same experience. Dr. Dean Bonlie was kind enough to provide me with one of these mattresses (150 pounds) for further testing.

When I sat on the mattress my blood pressure dropped from 120/80 to 100/75. When I lay down on the mattress, my blood pressure dropped to 90/70. I then tested 9 other individuals on the mattress with equally impressive blood pressure results in 7 of the subjects. At the same time we then did computerized EEG brain mapping on 10 subjects, including me. The gauss rating in the center of the person’s body would be approx 20 gauss. The results were uniformly impressive. While lying on the bed with 3 inches of foam between patient and magnets, the EEG’s showed strong decreases in all brain activity, especially in the center of the brain, almost as if at the moment of initiating deep sleep. Individuals varied but the power of peak to peak waves decreased by 50% or greater. Without the magnetic mattress, the EEG’s revealed only minimal theta and alpha increases. The baseline EEG is just below. The second one was taken while lying on a two inch foam pad over the Magnetico Sleep mattress

- Please Note -
Persons with Pacemakers cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the pacemaker.

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