Exercise for Healing Grief

From the book “You Can Heal Your Life”
By Louise Hay

Breathe; inhale and exhale. Watch your breath: get in tune with it. Watch your feelings, watch your thoughts, and accept them all.

See yourself on a pathway in a forest. It’s a beautiful day; there is a light breeze, rays of sunshine coming through the trees. You come to the bank of a river. As you approach it, you see a vast long river. Continue breathing.

As you approach the water you see a reflection in the water-your reflection. The water starts moving, sending little waves, and your reflection becomes blurred, An you look up, you see a little boat, and on that boat is a presence.

The boat comes closer and closer, and your spirit guide invites yon on the boat. You embark feeling very confident. The boat moves very peacefully down the river; the current is just carrying it.

You feel very supported, reassured, and safe. As the boat keeps on drifting, the light around is becoming more intense. You can barely look up there because there is so much light. The light is feeling warmer and sweeter. You feel more and more drawn into the light. The light is pulling you in; you want to go into it.

Now as you look, you see a little island. The light is pulling the boat. As you approach you see a crystal palace, and the color of the light is now changing into a light blue. As the boat comes to the shores of the island, you see many presence’s. They don’t have bodies; they are made of light. These presence’s assist you off the boat and they are carrying you with your spirit guide behind you.

Now you begin to recognize people you have known once and who have passed on, and they are all around the crystal palace.

You are being led into the palace, into a large room made of crystals. One by one, you recognize those who were dear to you and who left the planet; and now you have a chance to speak to them, and you tell them one by one everything you had not told them before they left. They reply to you. You can ask any question you want; they answer you willingly. They all seem very happy, very peaceful.

You let all your feelings out, for it is safe and acceptable and welcome. You tell them how much they influenced your life, how close you felt to them, and how difficult their departure was. They understand and accept everything you tell them, everything you express to them.

You tell them how it is for you without them in your world. How afraid you may be for yourself. You ask for their forgiveness and you receive it so totally you forgive yourself. Your spirit guide supports you and comforts you. And there is still some more…As you continue, you tell them their life was not in vain, you tell them how much they enriched your life, how much they meant to you. You ask them to stay in touch with you and to guide you and to stay connected.

You keep on breathing and moving through it. If you have parents you have lost, you meet them too…. family members, friends, lovers. You keep on breathing. And now you let all the grief out; the light will absorb it. It’s okay to feel what you are feeling right now.

If you need to, turn to one of them and hold them. Allow yourself to be held. Begin to feel your chest expanding. Let more air in. Breathe deeply and let it all out. Now come slowly to the end of the line of these beautiful light beings you have connected with. They are all waving at you with so much love. They are loving you and totally understanding you.
You know you will be with them again, and yet you have to go back now. You are still in a human body and you still have things to accomplish and lessons to learn and work to do. As you wave to them, you now know that you are safe and that they are safe and there is no separation. You also know that whenever you want to connect with them, you can return to the island with the crystal palace.

With your guide you approach the boat once again. The light still is very intense and very tempting but you must go back. Together you embark and you drift back on the river. As you look back, the light is still very strong. The river washes all your tears, and slowly the light becomes weaker and less intense, and your spirit guide thanks you for your willingness to be human and takes you back to the shore. And you see a clear reflection of yourself in the water and it is bright. You’re back; the grief is gone.

You can make yourself an audio cassette tape with this script. Just put the player on pause as you do the exercises or you can get someone to read this to you as you do the exercise.
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Healing Meditation

From his book, “Peace of Mind” ISBN 0-89529-447-8  [His Publisher] 

This is a powerful imagery sequence which you will find rejuvenates and revitalizes you and it is a wonderful way to enhance self-healing and convey your love and healing wishes to others. This meditation can be recorded on an audiocassette. You may want to play some meditative music in the background. The …..between words indicates a pause.


White Light Healing Meditation



Make yourself comfortable seated or lying down.

Feel your body relaxing…..feel the muscles becoming soft and loose….feel your weight begin to press down into your chair or bed, your muscles relaxed…..feel any tension releasing….feel yourself relaxing deeply….completely…more and more….deeper and deeper…. Letting go….feel it all through the body….feel it deeply….completely….it is a good feeling….a natural feeling….feel the letting go….feel it in the forehead particularly…feel the forehead smoothing out…feel it all through…more and more…deeper and deeper… letting go…completely…deeply…letting go…more and more…deeper and deeper….letting go…letting go…letting go….
Now become aware of your breathing…it is not important whether it be fast or slow….the breath moving in and out…and, as you do, imagine that you are breathing in a pure white vapour…so, with each breath in, see this pure white light moving down through your nostrils, down into your chest and filling it with a pure white light…and, as you breathe out, imagine that you are releasing a grey light, a grey vapour, that carries with it all the old, the worn, and the unwanted…as you breath in again, imagine that you are breathing in the pure white light and bringing with it all that is pure, and fresh, and vital…breathing out and releasing the old, and the worn, and anything unwanted in your system…breath it out and release it.

Now, white this is happening, you may choose to imagine that the white light is originating from your idea of the Divine…it emanates from the Divine…and, if you conceive the Divine to have a form, than see it in that shape and imagine the white light spreading from its heart…so, if it be an elderly, male figure, see this bright light spreading from that figure’s heart….if it be from someone like Mother Mary, see the white light spreading forth from her heart…if it be some other form, see the white light spreading down towards you…and if, for you, the Divine is more abstract, perhaps it may suit you to see the focus, the center of this light, as being like the sun and imagining the white light as streaming forth from the sun as representing the center of the Divine, radiating out a pure white light in your direction…and so imagine that from that source the white light streams forth and, as your breathe in, it passes down through your nostrils, down into your chest, filling it with all that is pure, clean vital, healthy, and whole…and, as you breath out, release the grey, the worn, and the unwanted…so that, with each new breath in, you bring, from the Divine, a pure white light that fill your chest and, as you breath out, you release any old worn energy….anything at all you want to be free of…and allow yourself to settle into a rhythm…breathing in the pure white light, seeing it streaming down into your chest, and breathing out the grey…in with the white and pure…out with the grey, the old, and the worn…

And, as you continue, feel the white light coming down steadily into your chest, and the strength of the light in your chest, growing stronger, and brighter, and purer, displacing any old and worn and grey areas, filling your whole chest with a pure white light…a symbol of wholeness, purity, vitality, and healing…you may be feeling the white light too, as a warmth, like a gentle warm liquid spreading through you…perhaps it even tingles a little as it goes.

With each new breath, draw in more white light, till your chest feels like it is aglow, filled with this pure white light, so that it feels it is radiating pure white light…and, as you breathe in again, you feel the white light beginning to spill over, travelling down into your tummy…as you breath out now, you can direct the white light, down into your tummy and , as you see the white light travelling down, feel it relaxing…feel it releasing…feel the warmth, the relaxation, the softness…releasing any old and worn energy…releasing any areas that are uncomfortable, painful…fell them being filled with the white light, with its comfort, releasing…and, as you breath in now, draw in more pure white light from its source…see it travelling down into your chest…and, as you breath out, radiate that white light down…down through your abdomen…down into your pelvis…releasing any tension…softening…bringing
warmth…relaxation…deeply…breathing in more white light…seeing it passing down now, down into your calves…down into your feet…releasing any tension…releasing any old and worn areas…and bringing a new vitality…bringing healing…strength…so that now your legs, too, are filled with this pure, bright white light…

And, as you breathe in again, direct the white light now down your arms and feel the relaxation, the release…the softening, as your muscles loosen still more….right down…feel the light travelling right down into your fingers…feel them soft and loose…see them filled with the pure white light…symbol of purity…a feeling of natural vitality…

As you breath in again, draw more of the pure white light from its source…see it filling your lungs…and now see it travelling sup your neck…into your head…and, as it moves upwards, feel the muscles relaxing…feel them becoming soft and loose…feel any old areas being released…any worn areas…letting go …any diseased areas being freed, and replaced with a pure white light…symbol of new strength…of purity…of healing…of whole vitality…

So, now feel your whole body filled with this pure white light and, with each new breath in, draw more white light from its source…and see it filling your body with still more white light, so that your whole body is glowing intensely with the pure white light…

And, as you breath in more, see the white light expanding out, beyond your body…to encapsulate you, like an egg…like a cocoon of bright, pure, white light…filling you with strength and vitality…feel it as whole…feel its unity…feel yourself to be at one with it…allow yourself to merge in the purity of the white light…feel its Divine Source moving through you…feel yourself to be a one with it…feel yourself at peace…be still…feel it all through…deeply…completely…all through…feel yourself at one…and be still…

As you feel its sense of wholeness through you. You may now like to direct that white light to someone you care for… to share that feeling with them…and so imagine them where you can, doing whatever…and imagine that, as you breathe in, the white light passes through you and radiates like a searchlight to the person you care for…and see them filled with its whiteness…see their body glowing white…and see them surrounded in a cocoon of pure white light…a symbol for purity…for wholeness…for healing…for renewed vitality…

And, as you breathe in draw in more white light and radiate it to this person…seeing them filled with a new wholeness…a new sense of balance…purpose…seeing them filled with a new wholeness…a new sense of balance…purpose…seeing them whole and healthy…pure and vital…and share your experience with them…feel them, too , filled with pure white light…and add your blessing…

Allow yourself to merge again with the feeling of purity and wholeness of the light…breathe in…breathe in more white light…see it streaming down from the Divine…pouring into you like a funnel…a funnel coming down through your nose and filling your body, and then radiating out…spreading out around you…and spreading off through your house…around wherever you are…see it filling your environment with the pure white light…see your room filling with the pure white light…and then it radiating further…filling your house…everyone in it…filling them with purity, wholeness, health, and vitality…feel your love flowing with it…feeling that warm, happy feeling going with it…

As you breathe in more, draw down more of this energy…as you breath out, radiate it beyond the house…to the people around you…to the houses around you…feel it moving off, across the country…

Breathing in more white light…drawing it down, like a funnel…drawing it down from the Divine…through your body, and out across the land…spreading out, so that you can imagine the whole country bather in this pure white light…

Breathing in more white light…breathing it out, and feeling it travelling right around the globe…wrapping the whole planet in a pure white light…and share your feeling of peace and unity with the whole planet…radiate that feeling out, and feel it travelling right around, so that the whole planet is held like a ball of pure white light…
As you breath in more, feel that white light streaming down…feel yourself again merging with it…feel it entering every part of your being…feel yourself at one with its purity…at one with its peace…one with its healing…feel yourself at one with its vitality…and realize that that white light symbolizes Love in action…allow yourself to merge into that feeling of Love, that Divine Love, streaming down and filling your whole being…feel it all through…feel its peace…be still…feel yourself merging with the stillness, to allow it to be all through you…completely…completely…be still……………………

Now, you can end the tape here and slowly as you feel comfortable, return to everyday life or you could choose, on a 90-minute audiocassette, to do a few minutes of affirmations before returning to everyday life.

Some suggestions for affirmations follow and use your own innate creativity to create the best affirmations for you. Use your wonderful power of imagination to see yourself as the affirmation states. (The Creative Power of Imagery is a valuable book to own).

a.) For health
Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

b.) For relationships
I greet this person with Love.

c.) For self-esteem
I am worthy of being here.
I am worthy of being happy.
I am worthy of being loved.

Biography of Dr. Ian Gawler

Dr. Ian Gawler is one of Australia’s best-known cancer survivors and advocates of a healthy lifestyle. His story offers hope and inspiration to people everywhere. The self-help techniques that he developed have helped many to convert hope into sustained health and peace of mind. A pioneer in Mind/Body Medicine, Dr. Gawler is known for his clarity and good humor. With a gift for translating ancient wisdom into a modern context, Ian has played a major part in popularizing meditation and other mind techniques in the western world.

As a young veterinary surgeon and athlete, Ian developed bone cancer (osteogenic sarcoma). His leg was amputated in 1975. Later that year the cancer returned and at one point, Ian was expected to live for only a few weeks. Ian then developed an effective self-help program with key principles: Good food, positive attitudes, meditation and loving support. Not content with just surviving, Ian began to share these principles with others. The cancer support group he began in 1981 was the first group in Australia to actively address the needs of patients and their families in coping with, and attempting to overcome, the many challenges cancer presents. The Gawler Foundation was formed in 1983 as a non-profit, non-denominational body to further his work. The Gawler name has become well known and respected throughout Australia and internationally as representing a holistic approach to health which improves both quality of life and survival times.

Ian Gawler has studied meditation with Dr. Ainslie Meares, Indian, Buddhist, Zen, Christian and other Western Meditation Masters. He combines the intellect of the West with the insight of the East.

How We Love

by Dr. Ted Morter

In the grand scheme of things, unconditional love is the greatest gift one can give or receive. By definition, “unconditional love” is love without conditions or reservations — absolute. The challenges, which confront us in life are directed toward allowing us to learn how to contribute “unconditional love” to the Grand Plan.

We’re not talking eroticism, lust, obsession, or hormonal surges. We’re talking about the love, which is directed toward others despite their imperfections. This love carries no expectation or need for pay back. It’s unconditional.

The mere act of loving creates a feeling of peace and fulfillment within us. It is a joyous emotion and one that is necessary and vital to your existence. History has shown that children raised in environments in which they did not receive love, grew to be cold, angry, and often violent adults. The lack of love can cause extreme loneliness, anger, or other negative emotions. These negative feelings, left to grow internally, will manifest in disease or ill health.

Unconditional love is the ultimate positive feeling. And, feelings are energy generators. Positive feelings harmonize with your personal field. Your personal field is perfect and positive, so positive feelings enhance the positivity and take nothing away from it. Negative feelings, on the other hand, suppress or lower energy from your personal field. Strong feelings affect both body and field. And strong positive feelings — love, acceptance, joy, appreciation — are the ideal “field fuel.”

Finding unconditional love in the loss of a cherished family member or life-supporting job isn’t easy. But it is not only possible, it is necessary for your mental and physical health. That’s where the “learning” comes in.

We learn by recognizing and appreciating that everything that happens in our life is an opportunity to find an element of good in that experience. Of course, some lessons are easier to recognize than others.

Unconditional love, given and received, promotes good health and harmony in soul and spirit. True peace is an all-encompassing experience brought on by unconditional love. Peace is made known to you by your mind.

Peace and healing result when there is a harmonious balance between your soul (mind and body) and your spirit (God). Unconditional love is the source of peace. It is by loving more and expecting less that you can reach this state of peaceful harmony. Unconditional love creates peace, harmony, and oneness in soul and spirit.

Reaching peace

Here are some tips for reaching a state of peace through unconditional love.

*** Each time you perform an act of love you feed your spiritual field with positive energy. This serves to heal the soul. Make it a part of your life to do something loving for yourself and someone else every single day. This will help to balance your energy and remove blockage within your body.

*** Keep in mind that every negative thought or feeling needs to be “canceled” or neutralized. To do this, replace the negative emotion with a positive feeling of unconditional love. Your love needs to be as strong as your negative feeling in order for this to work.

*** Work to attain oneness in soul and spirit by practicing unconditional love. Remember, each act of judgment, hate, anger, etc. serves to create separateness. As long as you feel separated from God, you block the energy that works to allow you to walk as one with God.

*** Set aside some quiet time each day to meditate on your life, your intentions, and our thoughts. Consider each area of your life and draw conclusions, which will help to bring your soul and spirit together as one. Reflect on how you can change aspects of your life by filling your days with unconditional love.

*** Keep in mind that you do not have to love the personality or the actions of everyone. What you need to love is the spirit within them, even if they have let their egotistical self block the perfect flow or display of that spirit. Love them as your equal in God’s creation. Love them because you share the universal consciousness and spirit with them.

*** Thinking one way and acting another creates disharmony between your soul and your spirit. Be true and congruent within yourself. Your thoughts and actions need to agree. In other words, practice what you preach — even to yourself.


(Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr. is the founder of the revolutionary Morter HealthSystem, based on his Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique — B.E.S.T. For information on B.E.S.T. seminars offered all over the country in 2003, call 800/874-1478, or visit the Morter HealthSystem website at www.morter.com.)