The intention of the OPTIMAL LIFE CENTER and Kallie P. Miller, R.N. (Ret.) is to support the restoration, maintenance, and enhancement of your body, mind and spirit so that you may experience an Optimal Life.

This website is a composition of the  information that I have researched over 30 years and found to be the most beneficial for Optimal Life.  I have broken this information into four separate areas to enable you to research your own path for your Optimal Life decisions.


Products that I have found extremely valuable for an optimal life:

magneticoWhite BoxJupiter_VenusWhite Boxkey_productWhite BoxZapper

Magnetico Sleep Pads           Water Ionizer                   TGI-Pro                    Zapper


Articles that will enlighten you on your own journey, and allow you to determine what is best for your health. (the list below is just an example and does not include all articles)

-Vitamins – Cold and flu prevention – Fluoride – Depression – Naturopathic Health – Detoxification                                                         Mental illness – The importance of Water – Parasites + many more!


Videos/Audio files that will inform and educate you as you navigate your personal Optimal Life choices


Links to other sites that support the optimal lifestyle and ones I just find very interesting!!  Too many to list, so wander over and check them all yourself.


At the end of the day, the path to optimal life is a lifelong journey that we all undertake everyday based upon our choices.  The purpose of this website is to open your eyes to how many alternative options there are out there, and enable you to perchance choose something different!